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Hubby’s 40th πŸŽ‰

So it was my husbands 40th birthday last Wednesday, and I decided to book a night away in the Cotswolds for us both. Hubby noticed that they did quad biking at the hotel and thought it’d be great if Β we booked a session… Oh yay!! ( notice the hint of sarcasm?!)

So the day arrived and we set off to the hotel after we packed the dog off to the pet hotel and the kids to their grandparents. As we arrived I felt the nerves creep in, I’m not the most adventurous person ever but I didn’t want to spoil my husbands day.

I remember when we first got together, we went to Alton Towers and got on the ride Nemesis …. I remember feeling so scared that Ross looked at me and saw I was nearly a lovely shade of blue, “breathe!” he whispered. Yep, I forget to breathe when I’m scared!

Anyway, as the instructor takes up a zillion flights of steps to get to the quad bikes I feel like I’m going to faint as I’m trying to get my breathing into a regular pattern, mostly from being so unfit, but also from nearly forgetting to breathe!!


The instructor talks us through the quad bikes and how to use them, I thought I was listening really well. That is until I got onto my quad bike and I totally forgot what to do!!! My mind went blank … So the instructor helped me start it up and he got on his quad bike and off we set … well so I thought, I was moving slowly but then gradually stopped after a few yards, Β the instructor came back and said, you haven’t put it in gear! “Oh yeah… Sorry!” I muttered,Β so embarrassing! So I spent the rest of the hour trying not to fall off the blinking thing while hubby zoomed around like a loon!!


The rest of the time was lovely, relaxing in front of the fire in the bar, relaxing walks, watching the amazing sunset from our room, and fabulous food. Perfect.



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