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A field of Delphiniums

At the weekend I took two of the children and hubby to see a field full of gorgeous delphiniums.


They grow the delphiniums for confetti and the field is only open for one week per year.

It really is a lovely sight to behold.


The children loved running through the flowers and hiding from us and each other.


The field is in Wick near Pershore and you can buy the confetti from here

Here’s a few of the many photos I took while we were there.




imageOf course, I had to bring a bunch home with me!

Thank you for looking!

Much love.



4 thoughts on “A field of Delphiniums

  1. Laura, your photographs of these beautiful Delphiniums are just exquisite and so beautiful with your children also looking lovely amongst these wonderful flowers. I’ve always loved these sweet flowers and it was a joy to see so hope you don’t mind me saving a few of the flowers to my Camera Roll! πŸŒΈπŸ’œπŸŒΈ

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