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Bloom & Wild.

I must start by thanking the lovely team at Bloom & Wild for giving me the opportunity to review one of their products. I have not been paid for this review and the opinions are entirely my own.

I received the very colourful Zara bouquet. The Zara includes red alstroemerias, orange lilies, yellow solidago and purple liatris.

If you follow my blog and Instagram page you know that I love flowers. I can’t be without fresh flowers on my dining table or mantelpiece! Bloom & Wild deliver bouquets straight to your door and through your letterbox, so you don’t even have to be at home to receive them. Perfect for busy households where you can’t wait in all day for a delivery.

The flowers arrive in a sturdy cardboard box with instructions on the front to tell the postie that the box does fit through a letterbox or if that’s not possible to leave somewhere on your property.


Once you open the box the flowers are laid out neatly, some with a  protective sleeve over their delicate petals. They’re all wrapped in a spotty cellophane and tied together with a pretty ribbon.


 The attention to detail is fantastic, there is a lovely personalised card from the Bloom & Wild team to say thank you for purchasing. There is  even a card which details all of the flowers included in your bouquet and details how to arrange your blooms.


There is a little packet of cut flower food to add to the water before you arrange your flowers. Once you’ve arranged them as you wish all that’s left to do is to sit back and enjoy watching the flowers bloom.

Day one.



Day two.
Day 3.
Day 3. Some lilies have opened up.
After a week of receiving the flowers. 




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