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Light up my life💡

I was happy to receive some gorgeous lights from the other day. They are really pretty and the best thing is, you can choose your own colours from their large range and then also choose your own design when they arrive. Perfect!


I chose mint, light pink, stone, light aqua, and white as these are ( a.) my favourite colours together, and ( b.) they’d go in most of the rooms in my house…I do love pastels.

Their website is well thought out and you can choose how many lights you’d like, a transparent or white cable, and which plug you need. You then go on to choose the colours. There is also a diagram to show you how well your colours look together, there’s a little switch to click on so you can see what it’d look like all lit up, genius!!


It only took a few days for the lights to arrive and once I opened the pack there was simple instructions how to put your fairy  lights into the cotton balls. Once I decided which order to place the colours ( the hardest part) I just followed the instructions and within minutes I had a gorgeous line of cotton ball lights.


I hung the lights over the curtain pole in the living room, I think they go well here and they give off such a pretty glow when switched on. My daughter instantly fell in love with these and said she’d like some for her bedroom, I think I do too.

imageI hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post.

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