Hallway Tour 🏑


When we first moved into our house the previous owner had painted the whole of the house interior with various shades of Cream. It was fine at first as it was all pretty neutral and with three children aged 4 years and under we really didn’t have the time or inclination to decorate. But as time went on I was itching to put my own stamp on it all.

The hallway as it is now.

The hallway was one of the last rooms we made over, we changed the front door to one with a bigger window so as to let the light in, as there is only one small window. I ripped up the stairs and landing carpet { I had to persuade my husband a lot to do this! } and then proceeded to paint the stairs white, with Ronseal floor paint. “WHITE!? With three children and a dog!!” I hear you cry. Yep…It’s much easier to keep clean than carpet as there’s no worries if the dog runs up the stairs with wet paws, you just wipe it down. Although I will say that it could probably do with a fresh lick of paint now, as there several dinks and chips on the steps, but I quite like the shabby chic look at the mo! I painted the banister with a blue gloss paint and freshened up the spindles with the white paint that I used on the walls. What a tedious job that is, painting the spindles! *yawn*

The paint used on the walls is Β by Dulux and it’s wipeable!!Β Yes, perfect when you have three children { and a hubby } with dirty hands and a dog with wet paws.

I painted the one wall opposite the stairs with chalkboard paint and it’s great to jot down notes to remind yourself or the rest of the family of things you might forget. Or if you’re feeling artistic you can do some great pieces of artwork, if you have the patience and time! Check Pinterest out for plenty of ideas.


We wallpapered one wall with some pretty paper from B&M bargains and placed a radiator cover over the radiator and painted it white, it’s useful as a little shelf to display pretties on as well as hiding the huge ugly radiator.

Theres still some other jobs I’d like to do, such as new flooring and new interior doors with glazed panels… But they’ll have to wait a while.

Found a gorgeous vintage mirror for the wall too.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the hallway.

Laura X


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