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Autumn 🍂

Autumn, what’s your favourite thing about it?

Is it the nights drawing in? Allowing for fairy lights and candles to be lit, cosying up next to the fire with a hot drink.

Or is it the colours that nature provides? The pretty ‘autumnal’ colours, oranges, reds, yellows. This is one of my favourites, it really makes for pretty amazing photos.

Could your favourite be the change of clothes? No more skimpy outfits that require you to shave your legs every day, but more big chunky knits and warm cosy slippers.


Favourite things about autumn.

Is yours on the list?

  • Autumn leaves 🍁
  • Wearing hats, scarves and boots
  • Fairy lights twinkling and candles lit….. more candles the better.
  • Cosy warm socks or slippers.
  • Halloween 👻
  • Bonfires 🔥
  • Evenings getting longer
  • Sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate
  • Pumpkins
  • Warm comfort food
  • Fireworks 💥
  • Big cosy Jumpers.
  • Searching for conkers.
  • staying in your PJ’s for longer

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4 thoughts on “Autumn 🍂

  1. Hello Laura, I loved reading this. The two things that I love about autumn are the cold crisp days all wrapped up cosy. Then the long dark evenings, shutting the door on the world and settling down with my jammies on!
    I love the autumnal colours that autumn brings and seeing the children kicking up the leaves and finding conker treasures. Autumn is certainly the comforter of all months and I wrap it all around me gleefully.

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