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My 2016 ⭐️

As 2016 draws to a close I find myself thinking of the past year and what I have achieved. I started this blog in March, as more of a diary and somewhere to show my photos…. I love that people are following the blog and want to read my posts. THANK YOU 😘

I began to take photos of newborn babies  at the end of the year  and I loved how the photographs turned out, as did their parents. I’m hoping that in 2017 I can carry on with my photography and maybe start out as a professional. Watch this space.

I’ve been on Instagram for a few years now, but this year I have noticed a change, and not a change for the good, unfortunately. Since the non chronological feed commenced I find I’m missing out on people’s posts and having Instagram choose who I should see in my feed. It’s spoiling the fun for me slightly. If you follow me on there then Thank You for sticking with me 😊

My thoughts for 2017? I have the big 4 0 birthday beginning of April and hubby and I are going to New York for four nights. I’m just a little bit excited for that adventure!! Eek!

I’m planning on decorating the dining room and possibly the living room, new flooring, new sofas and we need new windows ( the list is endless, but the pot of money is not!)… not sure it will all get done due to the expense 💰 But we’ll see.

Photography, I hope to carry on where I’ve left off this year. I got a new lens for Christmas, so I’m practicing with that.

Let’s see where the new year takes us!

Happy new year to you all



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