Love & Hate ❤️


  • The birds singing in the morning,  while you’re still in bed all cosy.
  • Sitting in the garden with a cup of tea/ or wine, depending on time of day.
  • Cosy nights in with all the family.
  • Flowers, especially peonies and roses.
  • Hot buttered crusty toast with honey.
  • Friendly, smiley people.
  • Sunsets.
  • Pastel colours.
  • Anything heart shaped.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Candles.
  • Taking photos.
  • Laughing.
  • Shopping.
  • Holidays.
  • Being creative.
  • Anything that sparkles, I’m a magpie.
  • Picnics.
  • Lemon drizzle cake.
  • Being by the sea.
  • Blue skies.
  • My children laughing together.



  • Rude and ignorant people.
  • Bad drivers.
  • Being cold.
  • Feeling hungry.
  • Hearing people chew loudly (or even breathe loudly!!)
  • Chewed finger nails.
  • Packing for holidays.
  • Unpacking after the holiday!
  • snails and slugs, especially when they munch on my flowers!
  • Ants… Why do they feel they should invade our house every summer??
  • Ironing.
  • Empty packets left in the fridge or cupboard.
  • Being late.
  • Wasps.
  • Grey skies.
  • Seeing that I have some grey hair and  wrinkles 😩
  • War.


                           Have you any loves and hates to share?



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