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Garden love 🌿🌸

As the weather has been warmer I’ve spent a lot of my time outdoors in the garden, and as many others have possibly done too my attention has been turned to tidying and sprucing my outdoor space up.


We bought a new parasol from B&Q which is really quite large and hangs over the garden table nicely, or if we turn it around it gives us nice shade when we’re sat in our garden ‘armchairs’ as I call them. I’m loving the bright colour of this one, they also do it in grey. You do need to buy the quarter bases separately so beware of this if you decide to purchase it. At the moment we only have two bases but ideally you need the four to make it more stable in windy weather!

imageWe spent the day on Saturday weeding and generally tidying the garden up… Isn’t it amazing and annoying how many weeds can grow in a few weeks!!?

Essentials for gardening 

I have many ideas for the garden but of course most of it includes spending lots of money! If only I had an endless supply of money then my jobs/ideas would be done in a jiffy, a girl can dream, eh?

Love this little corner 

First of all I would love an artificial lawn so it would look immaculate all the time and there would be no muddy paw prints from the dog. This will happen one day, maybe not now but it is high on our list for the garden. Also the gravel path needs to be dug up and new weed barrier placed down before adding new gravel on top.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Some of our fence panels were changed last year due to them being rotten and falling down every time we had strong wind. We need to replace the rest this year and then paint them to match. We used Wilko’s own fence paint last year in Seagrass and I’m pretty sure that when I last looked online they didn’t seem to stock the colour anymore. So I’ll either be painting the whole lot again in another colour or finding another paint that matches the Seagrass.


The patio is the next job I’d love to be done… Lovely new slabs that are nice and straight with no blinkin’ weeds poking their heads through every five seconds!

Photo taken from Pinterest

Then there’s storage. The two cupboards we have are the plastic variety and the doors have all broke off and they’re looking pretty tatty. Ideally we need something to house the lawnmower and other gardening tools. I’d love a little potting shed to paint and put my seedlings in to protect them from the frost etc. I’ve grown a few plants from seed this year for the first time…They seem to be growing for the moment at least! I have to repot them into bigger pots soon.

photo taken from Pinterest

I love fairy lights in my home so it would be strange for me to not have any in the garden wouldn’t it? I bought some festoon lights from cox and cox last year and some pretty solar fairy lights from an online website. I need some more of these though as Toby got himself caught up in them and broke the line of lights in half! I also have pretty lanterns scattered around the garden too which look pretty with candles in.  Some more lighting is needed, I think, possibly some lights for in the parasol? We’ll see.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Thank you for reading.

Much love



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