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Sunshine days ☀️

At last we seem to be having some beautiful weather here in England. The sunshine makes me feel so much happier, what about you?


Toby,our Cockapoo, loves it when the weather is nice enough that we can let him run around the garden. He loves to sniff absolutely everything in sight. I do have to keep on eye on him though as he does like to dig up my freshly planted plants!!


We recently planted a tree that has pink blossom, called ‘Royal Burgundy’ I’m so excited to see it bloom, I never thought I’d ever say that, I must be getting old!!


I also planted some pretty plants I found in the garden centre, an aquilegia and one with pretty white flowers ( the name escapes me at the moment ) it supposed to look like a ‘fountain’ of white flowers when it’s bigger, I have pinned a few photos on my Pinterest.


Days out with the family are made all the more special with the sun shining down on us. Just loving all the bluebells at the moment too. We visited Coughton Court at the weekend, hoping to see the bluebell woods, but unfortunately the woods were  closed off due to the wet weather we had last week.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, thank you for reading.

Laura X


2 thoughts on “Sunshine days ☀️

  1. I love Coughton Court – one of my favourite places to visit. I first went there when I was at college and studying 16th Century History. I’ve been going back ever since! I find the connections to both Guy Fawkes and Roald Dhal fascinating! 😀🖒

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